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Renter Qualifications 

Credit Requirements

  • Applicants must have satisfactory credit. An occasional slow pay is acceptable
  • Bills in collections must be either completely paid off or you must prove that you are making regular payments. Excessive collection listings will result in denial due to poor credit. 
  • We will accept one discharged bankruptcy as long as no new credit problems appear after the bankruptcy. 

Criminal History     
A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant and occupant age 18 years or more. The application may be denied for any of the following reported criminal related reasons that have occurred within the timeline identified below prior to the application date regardless of the applicant's age at the time the offense was committed. All records are evaluated from the date of disposition.

Offense                                                                             Felony                      Misdemeanor  

Crimes against a Person or Property                              7 years                             5 years

Drug Related Offenses                                                    7 years                             5 years

Theft or Fraud by Check Related Offenses                     7 years                             5 years

Sex Related and Terrorism Related Offenses                Declined regardless of time                  

Prostitution Related Offenses                                          7years                           5 years

Weapons Related Offense                                             7 years                             5 years

Cruelty To Animals Related Offenses                            7 years                           5 years

Any Other Felony Offense, (ex: traffic, DUI)                   7 years                           N/A


Deferred Adjudication and/or Adjudication Withheld      Off probation/parole for 5 years

Pending Cases and/or Arrest Warrants                             Approved

Active Status on Probation and Parole                              Off probation/parole for 5 years

Pre-Trial Intervention/Diversion                                          Approved

Please remember that this requirement does not constitute a guarantee or representation that residents or occupants currently residing in our community have not been convicted of or subject to deferred adjudication for a felony, certain misdemeanors or sex offenses requiring registration under applicable law.  Our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the resident credit reporting services used.

If an applicant has a criminal record returned, we will use the following Criminal Conviction Review Process:

Owner/Agent will engage in an individualized assessment of the applicant's, or other proposed occupant's, convictions if applicant has satisfied all other criteria (the denial was based solely on one or more convictions) and:

Applicant has submitted supporting documentation prior to the public records search; or

Applicant is denied based on failure to satisfy these criminal criteria and has submitted a written request along with supporting documentation. Supporting documentation may include:
Letter from parole or probation office;
Letter from caseworker, therapist, counselor, etc.;
Certifications of treatments/rehab programs;
Letter from employer, teacher, etc.
Certification of trainings completed;
Proof of employment; and Statement of the applicant.
Statement of the applicant.

Owner/Agent will:
Consider relevant individualized evidence of mitigating factors, which may include: the facts or circumstances surrounding the criminal conduct; the age of the convicted person at the time of the conduct; time since the criminal conduct; time since release from incarceration or completion of parole; evidence that the individual has maintained a good tenant history before and/or after the conviction or conduct; and evidence of rehabilitation efforts. Owner/Agent may request additional information and may consider whether there have been multiple convictions as part of this process.

Notify applicant of the results of Owner/Agent's review within a reasonable time after receipt of all required information.

Hold the unit for which the application was received for a reasonable time under all the circumstances to complete the review unless prior to receipt of applicant's written request (if made after denial) the unit was committed to another applicant.


Income Requirements

  • Gross income (combined income of everyone on Rental Agreement) shall be 3 times the rental amount. 
  • If you are self employed we will require bank statements or tax records

Rental History

  • Applicant must have satisfactory reference(s) regarding timely payment, rental contract compliance, and condition of unit rented 
  • Evictions are not accepted unless completely paid off
  • We reserve the right to deny your application if, after making good faith effort, we are unable to verify your rental history.

ID Required

  • Each applicant over 18 years of age will be required to produce a photo ID such as a driver's license or other government issued ID as well as a second ID. 
  • Applicants are required to prove written proof of income in the from of a paystub, bank statement, or award letter. 
  • Each screening is $40 This must be paid in cash, cashiers check or money order. 

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