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Renter Qualifications 

 Suburban Realty Inc.

Suburban Realty INC requires a tenant screening report that may include the following:
Consumer Credit Report
National Criminal and Sex Offender Searches
Washington State Criminal, Civil, & Eviction Records Search
Rental History & Employment Verifications

Price Per Applicant: $46.00 USD (includes WA State Sales Tax)


Effective June 7, 2012 Landlords who collect a screening fee from prospective tenants are required to provide in writing a rental criteria to the applicant, that establishes what consumer report information may result in denial of the rental application.  In addition, landlords are also required to provide a written adverse action notice outlined under RCW 59.18.257.  Adverse action could be denial of the rental application, or approval of the rental application with conditions.



All persons leasing an apartment, condo, or single-family residence must be of legal age - 18 years or older - to sign a contract.
Provide photo copy of picture ID and a secondary ID for each person 18 years and older.
Incomplete applications, lies & omissions on application are grounds for denial
Suburban Realty Inc. DOES NOT accept portable screening reports.

Income Requirements:

The gross income to rent ratio to qualify is 3 to 1, with a maximum debt and/or payment obligation of 70% or less of total income Payments and debt includes utilities, rent, debt (car loan, student loans, credit cards etc) child support or other payment obligations. 
Credit accounts must be current
Applicants must have current, consistent and verifiable employment of at least 6 months. Please provide copies of at least 2 current, consecutive pay stubs, covering the last months' pay or more.
Employment of less than 6 months may be considered if it is the same position/capacity and in the same industry as previously employed; OR
Self-employed applicants must provide  3 months company bank statements.
Retired applicants must provide previous 3 months bank statements indicating their monthly direct deposit OR, provide documentation indicating monthly income.


Verifiable Residency – Applicant may be denied for:

Unverifiable rental history (applicants without rental history may be approved with additional deposit if applicant meets the other requires in the screening criteria for tenancy)
Unfulfilled lease obligation(s)
Current or past balance owing for deposit, rent, fees or damages
Eviction pending
3 or more late payments within a 12 month period
3 or more NSF checks within a 12 month period
3 or more complaints within a 12 month period
Unauthorized pet(s)
Unauthorized occupant(s)
Damage to unit or property
Relatives and friends may not be acceptable rental references. Please explain if you are using either as a reference.
Daytime phone numbers are required for rental references.
If you do not have landlord references but have sold your home, provide a copy of the settlement paperwork. If you own a house that you are now renting, provide a copy of the lease agreement and your property manager’s contact information.
Should the credit report come back with an “Address Discrepancy,” applicants must provide proof of their current address. Acceptable forms of proof include: driver's license or valid state ID, current lease or mortgage statement, home utility or insurance bill, or a pay stub dated within the past 30 days.

Credit Check

 Applicants will not be accepted for the following derogatory credit records:
Eviction and/or moneys owed to an apartment or landlord.
Bankruptcies must be discharged 2 years prior to application as verified on the credit report.

Recently filed collections within the last 12 months



Criminal Background Check

Criminal screening will be made on a case by case basis, after analysis, and will be based on several factors and information. Landlord will review criminal records on a case by case basis considering the nature and severity of the criminal conviction and the amount of time that has passed since the criminal activity.
Applicants will be denied if they have been convicted of the manufacturing or distribution of drugs.

 Applications are reviewed and housing decisions made based upon the qualifications of competing applications. Decisions are not made on the basis of the date the application was received unless required by City or State code.

 Viewing of a property and completing an application is not a guarantee of you being accepted as a tenant. A property is considered rented when a lease has been signed and rent paid. A property may continue to be shown even if an application has been received.

 Pets. Pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis. No larger than 25 lb. An additional deposit will be required

Smoking. Smoking will not be permitted inside the property.

 Vehicles. Recreation vehicles, trailers, boats, and inoperable or unlicensed automobiles, may not be parked or stored on the property, on or in any parking area provided for the property, or on any street or alley servicing the property.

 Roommates. Each applicant must apply and be qualified individually with the exception of income requirements. Multiple Applicants may combine income in order to qualify. Applicants may qualify together, with Property Manager having the option to ask them all to vacate the premises if one roommate vacates. Tenant(s) may find a new roommate who qualifies.

 If the information provided by the applicant in the following application is found to be knowingly falsified or untruthful, all deposits will be forfeited. If the application is accepted and the applicant chooses not to occupy the rental home being held, the applicant forfeits all deposits and no portion of it shall be returned.

 If your application is denied the landlord is required to provide you with a written notice of adverse action that states the reason(s) for taking adverse action (RCW 59.18.257). Adverse action can be denial of your application or approval on condition (co-signer required, increased deposit, last month’s rent, increased monthly rent). 

Refund and Cancellation Policy 

Full payment is required at the time you submit your application.  All screening fees collected are non-refundable.  Application(s) for which a screening fee has been collected cannot be cancelled.  Applicant understands that by submitting an application and providing payment information that there are no refunds or cancellation.  Before submitting payment, the applicant should confirm with the landlord (property owner, manager or agent) that the unit is still available and have reviewed the prospective landlord’s rental criteria.


You have the right to dispute the accuracy of the information in the tenant screening report.  You have the right to a free copy of your tenant screening report.  To dispute the accuracy of your tenant screening report or to request a free copy of your tenant screening report please submit your request in writing with a copy of your photo ID to: